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Promotional Materials

This is a JPEG image of our contact card you may use for any promotional materials such as bulletin inserts.  Right click on the image and choose Save picture as... and save it to your hard drive or select Copy and paste it directly to the document you are creating.  If you need a higher resolution picture (2+megs) click here to download a JPEG file from our DropBox account. 
Please send us an email by clicking here if you have other PR needs.  
For a video of our work in the DR Congo, right click here and select Save target as... to download the high-definition mp4 file;
Download our full color two page presentation handout in MS Word document format that gives current information about the DR Congo and introduces our strategy and vision for our work by clicking here
You can find our biographies by clicking here
Our mission statement is located here.
You can download a message Bill presented in a local church by clicking here or here.
If you would like further materials or have any questions, please send us an email by clicking here.
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