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Family News

   Inside the Pride-

          What is happening with the Shaw family--


 Our two daughters, Gwen and Beth are doing well.  Gwen is teaching fourth grade in Port Orchard, WA and investing her life in her students.  She loves her work and is following a long line of the Shaw branch of the family tree into the teaching profession.  She completed her BA in elementary education two years ago through the Western Washington University extension site at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA.  Her husband Kennwill complete his BA in History from Arizona State.

Beth and her husband Eric (Judd) are currently stateside but plan to continue working in Ulaan Batar, Mongolia.  They work as teachers in a local high school leading English as a Second Language courses.  Our question is where in the world did they ever get the idea they should work overseas?????  Beth completed her MA program in creative writing online and Eric also finished MA.  The big news for them is they produced now our second grandchild, a girl named Talitha.  Grandma Sonia and GPa Bill travelled to Mongolia from Lubumbashi to be there for the birth a year ago in 2017.

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