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Our Vision

This is our vision for both our immediate and long-term contribution to the forward progress of the church in the DR Congo.  The historical instability of the DR Congo requires that a high level of flexibility be a crowning attribute of whatever we do here. 
Each year we prepare an Individual Strategic Plan, or ISP, that outlines what we want to accomplish.  If you want to see a copy, email us by clicking HERE
Our immediate goals that direct our efforts in the foreseeable future in the DR Congo are the following:
1.  Establish our home base in Lubumbashi, a city of 2 million people.  Establish a ministry base that offers adequate security in order to be free to move throughout the eastern Congo.  This is no small matter considering the condition of the infrastructure in Lubumbashi.  While in some ways and at certain levels conditions there are better than what we lived in either N'Djamena or Moundou, Chad, there will be a need to set up a home with its own independent electrical and water supply system, and have a sufficient level of personal security against violent crime.  DONE!
2.  Complete a study of the existing infrastructure of the Bible schools and the training program of the AG Congo,  This requires in-depth dialogue with Assemblies of God Congo church leadership on the national and regional levels, visits to the schools, and a survey of potential candidates for the diploma and college degree program.  The end result will be an understanding of the priority needs and a comprehensive long-term implementation plan that advances the educational goals of the AG Congo in close collaboration with the Congo Assemblies of God.  STILL IN PROCESS!
3.  Recruit American students who will join us in the Engage field internship program, and establish the necessary support systems for them to study and develop their personal ministries.  The goal is to have five students on site with the potential to expand to ten.  Develop the field internship program for Engage students, welcoming the first class by no later than September 2014.  DONE AND CONTINUING!
4.  Develop healthy relationships with the pastors and local churches in Lubumbashi and the Katanga province. Invest in these local ministries to be used as platforms of ministry to the city and a positive impact on our student interns. IN PROCESS BUT PRAY FOR US- IT IS NOT EASY!
5.  Continue to develop an active connection with US donor churches and individuals through our website and mass emails.  Recruit additional donors to secure funding for specific projects. 
Our long-term goals (which will begin in our next four-year term and continue to develop) are as follows:
1.  Establish an expanding and developing training program at the college level that provides the teaching staffs for the eight provincial Bible school ministries.  CANDIDATES BEING SOUGHT, FINANCING BEING COLLECTED.  FIRST STUDENTS IN THE BA PROGRAM SCHEDULED FOR JAN 2016
2.  Dialogue with the Congo AG church leadership and determine the level of their own vision vis-a-vis their Congolese missionary mandate.  Establish markers with them to help indicate progress in the development of an indigenous missionary program.  Commission and send out Congolese missionaries. 
3.  Contribute to the continued development of the eight Bible institute campuses in the provinces.
4.  Explore and implement potential ministries to address the difficult socio-economic situation in NE Congo and come alongside church leadership in the two Kivu Provinces, Maniema Province, and Province Orientale.  NOT YET TOUCHED.
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