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Under the Mango Tree

Back in our first term in Ghana, we lived in a village called Santrokofi Benua.  We were a family of four among about a thousand people in this village, split in half by the main north-south road in the Volta Region (the village, not our family!).  In our small church there were two men with the same first name, so we called one "Tall" Francis and the other "Small" Francis. One day we were discussing a certain church project that needed funding.  This is always a sensitive subject because if the missionary helps too much it creates dependence, not independence, so we always tried to take time and work things out.  As part of our discussion, in a joking way, "Small" Francis made this statement "Reverend, the people in the church here in Santrokofi will not be encouraged to contribute to the project, because they know they are under the mango tree."  I queried him on what he meant, and he explained that if you are under the mango tree, the fruit will fall on top of you- you don't have to do anything, the fruit just falls on you.  What he was saying is that I was the mango tree, and as long as we were close by the church members knew they were "under the tree." 
Here is a list of those partners who are our "mango tree".  These are the friends and churches who keep us supplied.  Most have been with us from the beginning, over 28 years ago.  This is our Hall of Fame, our List of Heroes.  
(List Under Construction)
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