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Contact Information

The best way to contact us is by email- 
  Bill-     bill.shaw.agmd@gmail.com
  Our mailing address in the USA is:
  PO Box 1521
  Port Orchard, WA 98366
 In the DR Congo mail is not encouraged as mail delivery in
 Lubumbashi is not considered viable.  Any mail sent to us
 should be sent to a mission postal box in Zambia
 and someone will collect it, about twice a year.  That address is:
 Bill and Sonia Shaw
 s/c Rachel Newby Restawhile Lubumbashi
 PO Box 20241
Our cell phone numbers here in the DR Congo are the following: (the "243" is the country code.) 
Bill:       +243 85 492 3163 
Sonia:   +243 85 492 3117
We have a Skype VOIP phone number that is a Seattle number. If we are online when you call we can answer.  If not you will go to voicemail and we receive an email signaling we have a voice mail.  This number will work when we are in the Congo, but remember we are nine hours later.
This is our VOIP phone number:  360 519 4900
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